TLC Horse Training - Company Message
Ty grew up in the Salt Lake area She graduated from Riverton High School. Her love of horses was clear from a very early age. As young as two years old her desire to be near horses required that all doors in the house (including the doggie door) be locked so that she was prevented from climbing into the neighbor's pasture to visit their horses.
She began lessons at five years of age and has been at the barn almost every day since that time. She was a member of the Utah Arabian Youth Association for many years and was exposed to many different disciplines, fun show competitions, Class "A" local competitions, the State Fair as well as trail riding and even camping with her horses. Horses quickly became an integral part of Ty's entire family as they enjoyed supporting and cheering on her passion and efforts.
In her early teens she began training with LazyMD Arabians (Sterling and Melissa Bradley, now "Center Ring Show Horses", Texas) and Shawn Silcox (now "Silcox Training", Herriman, Utah). With their support she became part of a new team and began truly refining skills, understanding and perspective on what it means to work with amazing animals every day and the meaning of 'team'. With LazyMD, Ty began showing regionally and competed in the Arabian Youth Nationals in New Mexico in 2008.
Ty is married to Chad Ferrall and has two young sons, Tristin and Wyatt. Chad also grew up riding horses with his grandfather and Tristin had a pair of "boots" ready before he was even born. If you spend time around TLC Horse Training, you will likely see them out enjoying the horses, the barn and the TLC Team. The Ferralls currently live in Tooele, Utah.
Ty's hope for TLC Horse Training is to recreate for other people and their horses an environment of values, support, team and dedication that were such a positive impact in her own life.
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